1. Focuses on fastening tools with over 20 years experience in pneumatic nailers.
2. Nominated as Zhejiang high-tech company with over 60 technicians and engineers.
3. Owns 50,000 square meter of manufacturing facility with the highest standard in industry.
4. Has subsidiary offices in the United Sates with over 4,000 square meter of office and warehouse.
5. Owns 12 advanced standard production lines and 5 lean manufacturing production lines for pneumatic tools assembly. Has production capability of 2 million pneumatic nailers by year.
6. Equipped with 3D printing machine, CAD/CAE/CAM softwares.
7. Has 20 patents in Japan, Canada, America and Europe.
8. Certified with China National Intelligent Properties Agent with 20 invention patents, 28 utility patents.
9. Developed 20 products which is the first of its own in China.
  • 10. Products are certified with UL, ETL in America, have passed GS, CE safety certification, and are in compliance with RoHS, PAHs in Europe. Factory is certified with ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety moonagement system certification.
    11. Partners with Fortune Global 500.
    12.Broadcasted by China Central Television (CCTV) Artisan Spirit program;Owned by Executive Vice President of China National Hardware Electric and Chemical Products Commercial Association Pneumatic branch.
The company insists on technological innovation and invests to the technological improvement of the automation equipment. The equipments include special machines for metal machining, automatic spraying production line and automatic winding machines.Base on specialized production to allocate human resource and equipments to better allocate human resource and equipments, we utilize advanced information management system. To
  • achieve the best efficiency and lowest cost, optimized production technology is used in our facility. utilize advanced information management system,and rely on the best production mode to realize best effciency and lowest cost.Make sure every process is accurate to provide customers with products of high quality. Continuous improvement, focus on achieving customer's value and provide the best service.
Quality is the number one priority and every one of us in DAJ always keeps that in mind. We want to make sure every single product passes our rigorous quality standard and deliver to our customer with the highest satisfaction possible. Each employee in DAJ always gibes the rigorous working attitude. They regard the product quality as their life and do not accept one piece of unqualified product, and they always stand on the customer is benefit that 0.1% unqualified means 100%. The quality awareness and responsibility is deeply planted in heart, which guarantees the reliable quality of product in DAJ.